Mar 5, 2013

Peoples Park of Davao City

One of the considered "best park of the Philippines", People's Park is one of the Landmarks of Davao City. The City government transformed the old dilapidated PTA grounds into a 4 hectare of green lusheries with a very nice landscape making it as one of the most visited park by tourists, visitors and even the locals. People's Park is one of the cleanest and greenest park of the Philippines.

The Park features a mini-forest, durian dome, man made waterfalls and lakes, large Lumad sculptures made by Kublai Millan. The park also has a kids playground, a learning center which tells the history of the city and the tribes presented by the sculptures. It also has a fountain show every night.


Photo credits: Come Visit Davao


From the Davao International Airport, take a taxi or jeepney going to People’s Park located at Palma Gil Street in the city center. It’s a known landmark because it’s one of the prime tourist attractions in Davao so asking for directions is fairly easy.


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